Biddenden Tractorfest & Country Fair - 18th & 19th August

Held at Beech Lane Field, Beach Lane, Biddenden TN27 8EX
This was my first time at this show and as I walked through the entrance and paid my very reasonable £9, I was pleasently suprised.... a vast area of tractors, vintage equipment, steam, working area, countryside stalls, wood carving and a couple of tractor pulled carts that you could hop on & off around the site for a relaxing ride around on. Just how a Country Fair should be.

Cultivators, Farm working equipment and Vintage stalls. A brilliant variety from years gone by.

Arriving on site early morning on Friday to start setting up the FFA stand, we were welcomed by our Wales FFA area rep Gwilyn Jones & Meurig Williams. It looked as if they had all been here a few days working already as the main show areas had all been set out and fenced off ready for the exhibitors to arrive.

At the front of the FFA marquee was a fantastic collection of Fordson tractors owned by Allen Kelly.
Exellent display of tractors, well it would be being a tractorfest !!
It was good to watch this machine prepping the tree trunk and then cutting the planks, a log cutting and splitting machine powered from the p.t.o of the tractor.
Next to this display was a original and well used 1946 AEC Matador owned by Danny Mayell,with living van being towed behind...superb
Ford Model T - 1916 with a very clever cogg set up for driving the rear wheels.
Now.... Lets look around the tractors area.
There were a few tractors that really caught my interest.
Ford County 754 
restored & owned by Simon Hearn
Ford County 4600 owned by Jason Fuller.
Jason hasn't owned this 4600 for long and is just starting to dig into the history of this Beast of a working tractor.

He told me it originally worked for the Scottish Forestry Commission and as you can see from the photos it was originaly painted red which is their colour for working vehicles.

James will be contacting Our Chairman Pat Pawsey to help him in his quest.
1937 Fordson Standard Rowcrop Waterwash & 1940 Fordson Standard Rowcrop both owned by Mark Saunters....absaloutley superb, well done Mark.
The general tractor area, as you can see from the photos below was vast with a great amount of different models to be seen.
1955 Fordson flatbed lorry owned by David Philpott.
It was used to transport vegetables from Cambridge Fens to London markets.
It is fitted with the same engine as the Fordson Major of this time era.
1928 12-20 Wallis owned by Austin Hawkins
1957 Marshall Series 3A & 1957 Marshall MP6 both owned by Don Taylor
1964 Super Major & 1968 Ford 3000 of Timothy Kift
Tractor Ring Time or " Tractors with Faces"
As you can see by the amount of photos, I really enjoyed the relaxed atmostphere & lay out of the show.
If anyone wants a Good Day out ? then keep any eye out for when Biddenden Tractorfest 2019 is on........... "Well Done" to the Organisors & contsant work of
the Marshall's of the Biddenden Tractorfest.

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