FFA Constitution

Ford & Fordson Association Rules & Constitution


The name shall be:  The Ford & Fordson Association

Objects of the Association

1.To preserve and perpetuate Ford & Fordson tractors, derivates and implements associated with this make world-wide. To bring together all tractor owners, past and present employees and enthusiasts who show interest in the make. Also dealers past and present and former Ford and Fordson employees, besides anyone interested in the former and current organisation under Case New Holland (CNH) ownership. To support and provide assistance to members in keeping their Ford and Fordson machinery in active working condition.
2.To organise or support events that raise money for charitable causes that the members wish to support.
3.To provide education and instruction to the general public on the preservation and operation of Ford & Fordson equipment and encourage interest and participation in ploughing and other farming skills.
Contact Address:
Ford & Fordson Association, Newhall, 1 Sneath Road,  Aslacton, Norwich, Norfolk NR15 52DS
Membership is open to both sexes and all ages. The membership for a Ford & Fordson Association (FFA) member commences from the point he or she pays the subscription until the expiry of that term at the annual rate.
1.Membership may be accquired by subscribing to the magazine annually through the Club and such membership will entitle the member to all the benefits of membership during the term of that subscription and the member will receive a membership card and number. (Note magazine subscriptions purchased directly from Kelsey Publishing no longer include membership of the Association).
2. Membership only may be purchased annually by paying the annual rate to the Association as set by the Committee.  The member shall not receive the magazine but will be entitled to all other benefits of membership and will receive a membership card and number.
3. Junior membership for those up to 18 years of age is available at half the adult rate as set in 2 above and they will enjoy the same benefits and will also receive a membership card and number.
Ordinary Members
Every ordinary member of the Association shall: Be subject to the rules and conditions of any event held, be entitled to participate in common with other members in the organisation in all activities pursued by the Association. However they shall not by reason of their membership be under any financial liability except for payment of their annual subscription.        
Be entitled to offers and discounts arranged through suppliers by the Committee of their behalf on production of a current membership card. (See 1, 2 & 3 above)
Honorary Members
Honorary members can be proposed by any Association member. The decision to award honorary membership will lie with the Committee.  Honorary membership is excluded to serving members of the Committee. Honoray membership can be withdrawn if the person does not continue to meet the requirements of the FFA.
Meetings shall be known as Ordinary Meetings, Committee Meetings and Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Committee shall endeavour to hold at least three Committee meetings a year. Voting shall be by a simple one person one vote majority at the AGM.  Extraordinary Meetings may be called by representation of fifty-five (55) percent or more of the Committee to the Secretary. Not less than twenty-four (24) days notice of such a meeting shall be given.
Officers of the Association
The officers of the Association shall be the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. They shall be appointed annually by the Committee at the first meeting following the AGM. The Committee have the power to appoint members to such other positions as are from time to time deemed necessary.
The Chairman will chair all meetings, act as Chief Executive Officer, and will have a casting vote to use as and when necessary. They will endeavour to act as an ambassador for the Association and along with the President do everything in their power to encourage people to join the Association. They will also develop the Association to the best of their ability with their serving officers.
The Vice-Chairman shall work with the Chairman and in his absence at any time the Vice-Chairman will act in his place and have the casting vote.
The Secretary whether a member or not, shall be appointed by the Committee and will organise meetings, events, and Gatherings as decided by the Chairman and Committee.
The Secretary will undertake the day to day running of the Association including correspondence, maintain necessary records, and keep minutes of all meetings. Also liaise with Area Representatives and try to meet once a year.
The Secretary, with the Committee, shall develop its future strategy, and conduct its affairs in an efficient, commercial and responsible manner.
The Treasurer will keep accurate accounts. The accounts will be available to any Association member on a yearly basis (the fiscal year 1st January to 31st December). The Treasurer shall pay all outstanding accounts at the appropriate time. The Treasurer will ensure that the information for audit purposes is readily available to the Committee or accountant.
The Committee shall consist of the Chairman, President, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, and up to eight (8) other ordinary members. All members must be fully paid up to hold a position on the Committee. The Committee will hold their positions for three (3) years, before standing for re-election at the AGM. Nominations shall be made in writing to the Secretary at least eight (8) weeks prior to the AGM (for inclusion with the notice of the AGM if possible). Resignations from the Association shall be in writing to the Secretary. Members failing to renew their membership within two months from their renewal date shall be deemed to have resigned.
If at anytime a Committee member or officer leaves/resigns before their re-election period the Committee have the right to co-opt a replacement who will remain in office until the next AGM when they will offer themselves for election.  The Committee may, from time to time appoint  members to act on it's behalf for special projects.
The Association will hold an Annual General Meeting in the autumn each year, where a set of financial accounts will be presented. Each officer will give a report on their section, and this report will be published on the FFA website. It shall be incumbent upon a member to inform the Secretary of any change of address.
The President will do their utmost in promoting the objects of the Association within the Constitution and shall be an ambassador for the Ford & Fordson Association.
The conduct of members will be such as to not bring discredit upon the Association. Use of the FFA name or logo for private purposes or for private gain is forbidden unless written consent is obtained from the Committee. The Association is not liable for the acts of default of members.  Only members over 18 years of age will be allowed to vote.
Alteration to the Association Rules
Alteration to the Association Rules can only be made by the Committee after seeking ratification by a simple majority vote at the AGM.
Casting of votes
Casting of votes can only take place in person at the AGM by paid up members - no proxy votes are acceptable.
In matters not covered by the Rules, the decision of the FFA Committee is final.
FFA Gatherings
Club gatherings will be held around the country, there may be other smaller events staged by members on behalf of the Association.  However, before they can take place, they must at all times be authorised by Committee. A letter of agreement will be issued by the Secretary as the authorisation for the use of the name Ford & Fordson Association. All exhibitors and helpers work at their own risk and must have the appropriate insurance.
Copy of Rules
A copy of these rules shall be made available on request to every member who must abide by their provisions. The committee has the power to suspend any member for not observing these rules.
Revised 04/02/2017

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