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Registering a vehicle:

The DVLA publishes a list of Vehicle Owners Clubs (V765/1) which contains details of those clubs they sanction to provide evidence for registering vehicles. The clubs are split into three categories, cars, motorcycles and others, together with each club’s nominee and their contact details. Those listed are accredited by the DVLA to provide evidence of the date a vehicle was manufactured which is a mandatory requirement to register it. Dating evidence from non-accredited individuals will not be accepted.

The DVLA’s requirements for the source of the evidence to date a vehicle are quite specific. The club’s nominated representative must send examples of the evidence they hold to gain approval.

Vehicle registration or re-registration falls into four main categories. The specifics vary in each case but in all cases are dependent on the presence of a vehicle identification number (VIN number) and specific dating evidence being marked on the vehicle. Of course what exactly constitutes this depends on the manufacturer and model of vehicle. The categories

1. To register a vehicle, that is unregistered, either because it has never been registered or the registration mark is not known.

2. To retain an existing mark i.e. it has previously been registered, for example it bears a number plate showing the complete registration mark, the procedure varies depending whether documentary evidence is or is not held.

3. To retain an existing mark for a vehicle that is already on the DVLA’s database. This can be determined by going to https://www.gov.uk/get-vehicle-information-from-dvla and putting in the registration mark. If it is on the database obtain a V62 from a Post Office and follow the instructions.

4. ‘Q plates’ are a particular problem and can only be dealt with on an individual basis.

Over the years the DVLA, at the request of other government agencies and to prevent abuses within the system have, continually refined the process.

A vehicle owner can approach any Vehicle Owners Club on the DVLA’s list to obtain dating evidence.

I started helping members to register their vehicles some years ago. If a member would like my help to register a vehicle for road use, please email the name and address it is to be registered to, a contact number, the make and model and, if previously registered, the registration number and what evidence, if any, is held to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please do not send photographs at this stage.

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