Ford & Fordson had a cracking weekend at Tractor World on 24th and 25th February winning first prize for the Best Club Stand in the show for the fourth year running. 

Tractor World 2018 Show Report click here


From the Chair: Issue 83

February / March 2018

Judging from the feed back I have received about the opening remarks in the last issue, which concerned what those with category C1E driving licences could legally drive, they really did touch a raw nerve.  They were about those who passed their driving test in a car and not about those of you who have passed an HGV test or acquired such a licence under 'grandfather's rights' who may have category CE as they are unaffected.  What follows is about those with a photo card licence that has the entitlement to drive categories C1 or C1E on the reverse, but do note that any codes in column 12 by the C1E entitlement that limit trailer weights or other restrictions.   There are a few of you who still hold the old paper licence and have not yet had to replace it so may also be affected.

Category C1 entitles you to drive vehicles between 3,500 and 7,500kgs with no more than eight passengers (plus yourself, of course) and a trailer up to 750kgs. If your licence has C1E it is as C1 with the addition of permitting a trailer over 750kgs if the combined vehicle and trailer weight does not exceed 8,500kgs, but It is important to understand that the restriction codes 79 or 107 will still limit the combined weight of the vehicle to 8250 kgs, unless, as is my understanding, you passed your test prior to January 1997.  If you did so the effect of this, depending on the restriction on your licence will be to allow a trailer heavier than 750kgs to be towed but the plated weight of the towing vehicle must be reduced by a similar amount so that the maximum 8250kgs is not exceeded.

The DVLA also state that the weight of the towing vehicle is the Gross weight as shown on the ministry plate, regardless of the actual weight of the vehicle and load when inspected, so for most of us that will be 7500kgs whether laden or not.  The same logic is applied to the weight of the trailer, so most caravans will exceed the 750kgs allowance.

Last time I said that I had written to Ian Edmunds of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs for assistance as to the definitive answer to our entitlements. He has always been very helpful and I have received a very clear if not entirely welcome response, the relevant section of is reproduced below:

"The Drivers Policy section of DVLA advise that it is the Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) i.e. the total weight of the vehicle plus the maximum load it can carry, that is relevant when determining the correct driving entitlement of a vehicle and not its actual weight on the day.

So in that respect the DVLA inspector was correct, however we believe he was incorrect with regard to the trailer weight. Your friend was entitled to tow a trailer that exceeded 750kg provided the total MAM of the combination did not exceed 8.25 tons.

It has also been pointed out to me that road traffic offences are almost all strict liability offences, that means that it is quite irrelevant whether or not you intended to commit the offence, if you did it quite unintentionally you are just as guilty as someone who deliberately committed it."

If this affects you there appears to be two possible ways to go depending on the weight of the unladen lorry, the caravan and that of the load to be carried.  Either take a 'trailer' test that then allows you to achieve a category C1+E licence giving the entitlement to drive a vehicle over 3500kgs but not exceeding 7,500kgs and a trailer over 750kgs up to a maximum combined weight of 12,000kgs.  Or if your lorry's load is sufficiently light consider down rating the gross weight of the lorry so that its gross weight when added to that of the caravan is under the 8,250kgs that you are entitled to drive.

This is my understanding of the position and I hope it makes matters clearer but I fear that towing trailers with cars and duel purpose vehicles will continue to be an on going problem.  So do make sure you neither exceed the manufacturer's recommended towing weight for your vehicle nor the maximum combined weight of the combination you are entitled to tow.


I have received notification from the DVLA regarding Q registration numbers.  These were introduced in 1983 and there was a limited period of one year in which the registered keeper could appeal against the registration's issue.  This time limit was relaxed over the years but appeals are now being made for vehicles that were allocated a 'Q plate' twenty or thirty years ago.

With immediate effect appeals will now only be considered if made by the first keeper within twelve months of the registration's allocation.  The DVLA will not consider requests for an age related number for vehicles issued with a Q registration that fall outside these criteria.

From around the Country:

Autumn Tractor World: 

Held on 7th and 8th October at Newbury Show Ground:- Lin Prince reports.  There is one large indoor area at the show. This was filled with tractor clubs, concourse tractors, horticultural machines, farmyard model displays, tractor spares sales and some other types of sales to add variety.

The FFA had two areas inside, one for Peter Nutley's Land Army display that included a Wartime Fordson Standard. The other area had the FFA sales stand and three different Dexta models; a Narrow, a Super and a 1961 Roadless imported from Italy in May this year by Tony Wyslocky and has now found a new home in West Wales. This tractor was judged highly commended.

Tony Wyslocky's lovely unrestored Roadless Dexta at Newbury

Just outside the building was a display of different Ford and Fordsons to celebrate the centenary.

Something for everyone - Models on display at Newbury

On the grassed area were more stalls of various sorts, tractors of different makes and a large display of commercial vehicles. Saturday was the HJ Pugh auction and Sunday was the vintage sort out so plenty of opportunity to spend your money.  A well organised show with plenty of camping and car parking. Thanks to Mark Woodward and his team for their help.

67th British National Ploughing Championships

Held at Bishop's Lydeard, Nr Taunton, Somerset, 14 and 15 October by kind permission of K S Coles and family - Jane Broomhall reports: FFA plans for the Championships got underway back in March with the help of James Poole, Fred Anthony and Mike Mitchell, our local representative. As with many events there is much more involved than you might initially think.

We are allocated ten plots and whilst it took many phone calls and emails with James and Fred and lots of form filling, we succeeded in finding ten experienced ploughmen with good credentials. Sue Frith of the Society of Ploughmen was a great support with helpful advice too.

After speaking to each of the FFA ploughmen and realising the scope of the event I decided I needed to see this ploughing extravaganza, which encompassed 14 classes and 268 entries, including 20 pairs of horses, so I quickly booked accommodation. Keith and I met Mike Mitchell and set up the FFA marquee on Friday pm and Jim Farrant, Edward Underdown, Paul Mancini and John Sparkes, all FFA members local to the event, kindly provide their tractors for display on the stand.

With record attendance over the two days the various refreshment and retail outlets were very busy and we too enjoyed lots of interest in the Association.  I have never seen such millimeter precise ploughing before; what a tribute to this great agricultural skill, enjoyed by young and old, with both machinery and wonderful heavy horses.

Our stewards for the FFA Class were Fred Anthony and Pete Ovens whose responsibility was to ensure 'fair play'; I don't believe there were any issues!

Our ploughmen - Peter Timms, Martyn Smale, Michael Lock, Ross Hext, Malcolm Trott, Raymond Govier, John Lewis, Robert Ball, Andrew Gell and Russell Soper - all enjoyed the competition with John Lewis of Meiford, Powys taking 1st place, Robert Ball 2nd place and Andrew Gell 3rd place.

What a spectacle. Next year's British Championships will be held on 13th & 14th October at Orton-on-the-Hill, Atherstone, Warwickshire.

Northern Area Ploughing Championship 

Held at Northwold Farm, Worlaby Top: Roger Ingham, FFA's director of northern ploughing reports:-  October the 15th suddenly crept up on us and off we go to North Lincolnshire where Barton upon Humber Ploughing Society were holding their 40th anniversary ploughing match and what a friendly committee  organised this event.  We were honoured to be asked to hold the Ford and Fordson championship alongside their own match.  The match was held on land kindly provided by R G and A E Godfrey who also have an extremely helpful farm manager who ensures the event run smoothly every year. The weather was kind to us and on a huge field of good ploughing land off went a good field of keen competitors. By 2pm all was finished with a field of shining furrows, some good, some maybe work in progress, but all enjoyed the occasion, made for a good day out with friends old and new.


Trailer Plough: Henry Taylor

Vintage Mounted: Richard Wilson

Classic Plough: Roger Ingham

Overall Champion: Roger Ingham

So another day's ploughing over and we head off home. Some live near, some from afar like Co Loisteyn who travelled from the Netherlands (that's dedication for you) but all were happy to compete in another FFA ploughing championship

Sadly I must add a postscript to Roger's report.  I first met Roger at a Club committee meeting back in 2011, having just been co-opted onto the committee. It was clear to me, right from the start, that his first passion was ploughing but the well being of the Club and of his tractors came a very close second.  Roger resigned from the committee in 2014, but remained director of northern ploughing, he was asked to organise the Club's ploughing championship by my predecessor Peter Godwin some ten years ago and has run the annual championships ever since.  He organised the Club's entry at the World and National ploughing finals at York last year, which was an unparalleled success and has been a leading light behind the Club's stand at Newby Hall for years.  Roger has not been in the best of health recently and has decided that it is time for someone else to take on his mantel and organise the northern ploughing championships.  So come on, one of you Yorkshire men step up to the table and take on the job, do have a word with Roger on 01937 531532, I'm sure that you will find it very rewarding!

The Newark Vintage Tractor & Heritage Show: Held on 11th and 12th November, at this year's show the weather was the best I ever remember.  Saturday was sunny with a light breeze and warm enough to sit comfortably in the open. Sunday was dry and sunny but the wind was a tad on the fresh side.  This really was a show for all things Ford and Fordson the 'Feature Marquee' was bursting and unable to hold all the tractors entered.  We were proud to have nominated R Pratt's very early-restored MOM, in the George Stephenson Hall, that richly deserved the awarded prize for "The Best pre 1930 Tractor."  It was coupled to a No. 1 Oliver plough and quite splendid it looked too, a real credit to the owner, who tells me it is not yet quite finished.

There was a huge amount to see, I thought more than usual, and having missed last year's show and now that the building works, of the year before were complete, which previously rather spoilt the layout, it was much better organised. The Club was unfortunately not mentioned in the programme through an oversight, although the position was clearly marked on the plan that enabled members to find us without trouble.  Mind you we have been on the same plot for the last six or so years, which may have helped.

It has been suggested to me that we apply to be inside as other clubs are in future, but when I explained that that would preclude us providing tea and somewhere to sit, the unanimous response was for us to stay as we are!

A committee meeting was held on the Friday evening before the show, as you probably know committee meetings are now held at shows when enough committee members are present.  This is to reduce travelling costs as no committee member receives any expenses and I am both pleased and proud that Luke Burgess was co-opted onto the committee at the meeting.  Luke is a young man who owns a 2000 and I was impressed by his helpfulness and sheer enthusiasm.  Our hobby desperately needs young blood, too many of us like myself are well past their sell by dates, come to Malvern Tractor World and meet him - you will be impressed.

Looking Forward

The Somerset Vintage & Classic Tractor Show Held on 27th and 28th January on the Royal Bath Showground kicks off the season in the West Country, the special feature this year is John Deer tractors. 

Spring Tractor World

Will be on 26th and 27th of February: for the last two years the Club has been awarded the prize for the best club stand at the show and this year we are planning another interesting display, but make no mistake here, without your support and tractors there would be no Club stand, no show and certainly no prize.  I remember at school being repeatedly told that winning was not important.  It was the taking part that counted,.  But they were wrong it did matter then and its nice to win now but, without putting on an interesting display, there really isn't much point.

2018 is the sixtieth anniversary of the Fordson Dexta.  The official launch had been in November 1957 and the public's introduction followed at the Smithfield Show in December, with full production not commencing until February 1958. We will have a special display of Dextas carefully chosen to represent a cross section of the marque in the central area where the F's were last year.  If you have a rather special Dexta please let us know and if we have room to accommodate it as part of the central display we certainly will, but space will be limited. Peter Nutley has put together a new exhibit for us this year and we will again feature Peter Mitchem's shed that will contain Jonathan Boaz's new toy, but I am sworn to secrecy about this.

Please do bring your tractors or just come to see us.  Dextas that are not part of the special display will, of course be very welcome.  We shall hold the Club's Annual General Meeting on the Sunday the time of which is yet to be finalised.

Andrew Green from Devon writes: 

Our Centenary year has nearly disappeared and what a successful year it has been with many memorable and successful events to commemorate and celebrate our milestone which we hope will have been enjoyed by very many people. I know that we shall mark other anniversaries in the years to come but there is something very special about 100 years of Ford and Fordson tractors!

We are now starting our winter evening meetings at our usual venue of Whiddon Down Village Hall. Our next event on Thursday December 7th promises to be a most interesting evening when Ron Moyse, aka Bonzo is coming to talk to us about his early life selling Fordson tractors for both Whitlocks and then Fulford Trumps, sadly dealerships that are both long since gone. This promises to be a great night. Moving on, our next two evenings in early 2018 are fixed for 24th January and then 28th February, both Wednesday's and details will be included in the next issue.

Well that's all for now but please do get in touch with any news or information to


I have made no secret of my intention to relinquish my roll as Chairman of the Club, and a rally or event does not pass by without my being asked, usually several times about it.  I have enjoyed my time but I'm afraid my answer is yes I do mean to retire from the Chair but have no intention of putting unnecessary pressure on the committee.  I am happy to remain on the committee if re-elected at the AGM at Malvern in February and plan to continue to assist members to register their tractors with the DVLA. I will do whatever I can to support the new chairman or woman, for example I am quite prepared to continue to help with the Club pages for a while if requested.

At the Club's AGM at the Yorkshire Museum of Framing in October 2013 members present adopted a revised constitution.  One of the important changes was to the chairman's term of office and election.  The chairman is elected by the committee at the first committee meeting after the AGM and remains in post until the first meeting following the next AGM.  In short the chair is held for a year and the incumbent can stand for re-election if they so choose.  Previously the chairman had been elected for a fixed three year term at the AGM, but could stand for re-election when the term expired they wished.

I look forward to hearing from you

Tel:01787 277316 (Before 9pm)

               Mob:0797 74952739 (Before 9pm)

E-mail: Pat Pawsey

 or Ernie

Forthcoming Events/Looking forward to 2018:

Devon County Show

17th to 19th May

Westpoint Arena and Showground in Clyst St.Mary near Exeter

Contact: Andrew Green for more details on:01363 83791

Tractor Fest

9th and 10th June

Newby Hall, Ripon

Journey Through the Ages

16th and 17th June, Palgrave, near Diss

All above shows dates with more details can be found on Our What's Going On section of the website.

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Contributions to Club News for Website:

We need your contributions to feature on our website. It is your Club and members need to know what is happening in your part of the world.

Unless you tell us what you are up to in your area we can not advertise it on the website for you and for members to attend and enjoy the events

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