Somerset Vintage & Classic Tractor Show

Bath & West  Showground. Shepton Mallet.
Somerset. BA4 6QN
Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th January 2020
Show opening times:
Sat: 9am-4pm & Sun: 9am-3.30pm
The Somerset Vintage & Classic Tractor Show is an annual event at the Royal Bath & West Showground. 
Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th January 2020.
A great event for enthusiasts of vintage and classic tractors. This year there will be about 200 tractors on display ranging from early models, built from about 1920 up to the latest models we see farmers use today. There will be trade stands, with 1000’s of tractor spares, books and model tractors and toys etc. for sale.
For more details contact: Nick 01749 860514 or
Mike 07976 535762

From the Chair June 2019 for Issue 92 August September 2019

No organisation can stand still and your Club is no exception, but change for change's sake is self-defeating. Any improvements and alterations to the Club's operations must be relevant either to members concerns or to any problems they may have and that can only happen if you tell us what these are.
  Often a problem encountered by one member will be shared with several others and if the Club can provide a solution we will do so.  A case in point has recently arisen, HMRC have tightened the interpretation of the law on the use of rebated fuel.  We all know that 'red diesel' is not for use on road vehicles and that includes tractors taxed as historic vehicles that are not engaged in agricultural work.  However, many believe that the use of tractor vaporising oil (TVO) is OK, it is not, and a licence is required to mix, buy or use it.  A member found that he could not purchase ready-made TVO without one, so we have applied for a 'Club' licence and I will let you know the outcome of this application and any conditions attached to it in a future issue.
In similar vein members who are looking for specialist services often ask us where is the best place to find them? In the past I have always felt that this was a tricky area, after all it is often said that 'One man's meat is another man's poison' and there may well be better alternatives out there of which we are unaware. However if a recommendation is based on first-hand experience, either of a firm or people that have actually been dealt with, and if outstanding service or materials at competitive prices have been received on several occasions; particularly if members back up such experiences, surely it is only sensible to let members know.  As a trial we have decided to mention a couple of companies who fulfil the above criteria and both of whom, as an additional bonus, are offering a discount to Club members, they are:-
Rye Oil Ltd, Rye Harbour Road, Rye, East Sussex, TN31 7TE Tel; 01797 223347
Welham Diesel Injection Co, Hawarden Avenue, Leicester, LE5 4NL Tel:0116 2766831
Please let us know if you like this idea and if extending it would be helpful to members and a useful addition to the Club's services.
HMRC Warning: I have mentioned rebated fuel above, but you should be in no doubt that 'Red Diesel' is a rebated fuel and can only legally be used in very limited circumstances.  Please read HMRC's 'Excise Notice 75: fuels for use in vehicles' for details, in particular section 8 - 'Excepted Vehicles' paragraphs 8.1 to 8.24.  The penalties for misuse are draconian, in brief if you take a vehicle to a show or on a road run you legally can only use 'White Diesel' or Derv as in cars. Be warned, Customs & Excise are having a blitz on this.


From Around the Country:

David Lemonius reports sad news: John "Butch" Butcher sadly died recently after a short illness aged only 55. Butch joined me and Denis Pocock to form Isle of Wight Classic Tractors some eight years ago when we held our first working day.  He was very enthusiastic about all things "Blue" indeed it was said at his funeral that he had blue blood running through his veins.  His coffin was carried on a trailer pulled by a Ford Classic big 40 series tractor.  It was indicative of his popularity that the Crematorium was packed out with standing room only.  Our thoughts are with his wife Sue and his family.  He will be sadly missed.

NVTEC - East Anglia Rally at Stradsett Park 5th - 6th May:

report from Ian and Lin Prince:
What a difference between two Bank Holidays, only two weeks apart. Easter weekend, a heat wave but May Day weekend was freezing cold. Weather watching on the Saturday morning we were hoping for a long enough break to set the stand up. In the end we had to do it in the rain, wind and hailstones with a bit of sun in between.
There seemed to be more club stands this year and each club was given a larger area to display on,but were again a long way from the main tractor lines, which is a pity.  We had 10 tractors on the stand that included two new members, Ray Garner with his Ford 3000 and Michael Garnham with his newly restored Fordson Super Major. Thanks to them for joining us.
As usual there was a huge variety of tractors being exhibited. The special sections this year were 100-year-old tractors, single cylinder tractors, ploughs and cultivators.  This is a very well organised show and our thanks to Gordon Carson and team for their hard work and making us welcome.


Steam and Vintage show at Stonham Barns. 18th - 19th May:

report by Ian and Lin Prince:
Visiting this show for the first time, last year, it seemed to be a good event in the making but unfortunately this year it was lacking in both exhibits and also visitors.
The tractor section consisted of 7 Ford and Fordsons and 23 others of various makes. Roger Starling brought along his interesting yellow Fordson Major Diesel with fitted compressor and associated tools.  There was an arena where each section was giving a display. Also, there were sheep dog and a horse logging demonstrations. The tractors went in last to give the Grand Finale.


Borders Vintage Agricultural Association Show 18th -19th: 

Phil Gibson attended;
We are indebted to him for this report. May saw, for the first time, the FFA attend the excellent BVAA annual vintage rally at Springwood Park in Kelso at the side of the river Tweed, for you fishermen out there a good Salmon river.
The show is run by the BVAA Chairman and local farmer Charlie McCririck, the club committee and friends.
Each year they raise money, mainly from the Auction, for a charity, this year being the Blood Bikes, which is a voluntary organization helping to get varied supplies quickly to the NHS Doctors, similar to the Air Ambulance.  This year a cheque for £2300 was presented.
On the Saturday there was an auction with 5-600 lots on offer and exhibitors arrived ready for the main show day on Sunday. A very good crowd attended on Sunday helped by the entry charge remaining at £6; there was something for everyone with cars, lorries, motorbikes, models etc, and obviously a large array of tractors. This year being the 100-year anniversary of Roadless, this was the main feature with around 30 on display, and the John Bownes Roadless stand was in attendance. A special trophy was presented by Charlie Mc Cririck, a lifelong Roadless fan, to mark the occasion and it went to BVAA member Colin Wilson for his magnificent Roadless 78 which had a total restoration over the last year, only just beaten into 2nd place was FFA member Ian Naismith with his Roadless 115.
Our area organiser, Brian Nairn and family from Kelso, had gone to a lot of trouble bringing many tractors to the event and helping to run the stand. His son Thomas had his restored Orange N on display, Robert had his Roadless E27N half-track in the main display and their youngest son Harry won 1st prize in the junior section, albeit with a Massey Harris Pony and plough, but he did tell me he hoped to change this to a Fordson Dexta! Grandad John had his immaculate Scania on display with the lorries, a truly family affair.
We had varied tractors on the stand from a New Holland T7 315 Blue Power, kindly supplied by dealer Lloyds of Kelso, with Majors, 1000 series, County to the Fordson N, my favourite though was the small Italian Dexta based Mailam crawler exhibited by Billy Marley, a very rare tractor that created a lot of interest. All in all, a very good event for the FFA with new members gained, and we look forward to coming back next year, come and join us on the stand with your tractor.


St Albans Steam & Country Show 1st & 2nd June

from John Worley.
The weather this year once again excelled, sunny and hot, the show always seems to arrange it perfectly. As with most shows a variety of displays and parades; vintage tractors were in the ring late afternoon on both days. A total of 47 tractors were entered with 12 Ford or Fordson.  Of these the Fordson E27N owned by Stuart Bailey of Toddington was turned out immaculately and a credit to its owner.  On the Saturday I could only see 4 Ford or Fordson tractors, but still a good show with plenty to see and do.  I think exhibitors should ask the show organisers for their exhibit numbers to be placed on their tractors, as I could only see 16 exhibits with numbers on.  How the general public are expected to be able to recognise and distinguish those without numbers in the catalogue I don't know. (what do other exhibitors find at other shows?). My tractor of the day was the Fordson E27N.  Let us hope that next year more Ford and Fordson are present.


Tractor Fest 8th and 9th June at Newby Hall: 

The weather at the Yorkshire Vintage Association's annual rally was changeable. Friday, the set up day turned wet but the very heavy rain forecast for Saturday failed to materialise, it was a grey damp day with no vehicle movement on site and the evening 'March of the Tractors' to Ripon, much to everyone's disappointment, was cancelled to preserve site conditions.  Fortunately, Sunday turned out to be a much better day with some sunshine.
Entry at £14 for an adult ticket is certainly steep but the setting is beautiful park land and it includes entry to the house's famous gardens free of charge; they are quite splendid by the way, there is even a miniature steam railway and river boat trips, though these are not free. There were some 936 tractors entered, I didn't try to count them, but we had 91 on the Club stand.  All the N's were grouped together as this year they were a
show 'feature' and the organisers had hoped for 90, but by my maths unfortunately they did not quite manage it.  I think most of the National Clubs were there with members tractors grouped round them and there were certainly some very rare and interesting machines on display, otherwise tractors were grouped by make.
We had an interesting line of E27Ns both TVO and diesel, many with the proper lights, Alan Nicholson's splendid set of force Fords still looking as good as ever as was his Muir Hill.  Roger Ingham had done a splendid job with Phil Gibson in organising such an excellent display, which was a credit to members; they also doubled up and served teas too. The Sunday also featured a fly past by a Lancaster - quite splendid - a really memorable rally.


Andrew Green from Devon writes:  

By the time you read this, we will be well and truly into mid-summer and the Show season with, hopefully, appropriate weather to match. Talking about shows, I will be at the Mid Devon Show at Tiverton on the 27th July so call by and say hello. It's a great one-day event if you've never been and in a lovely setting at Knightshayes. On August 8th I hope to be at Okehampton followed by Christow Fete on 17th where there is a very funny commentator who also graces the Devon County Show! For further details of this, contact Nick Gilbert. Tedburn Fair is on 14th September and they need our support.  Looking further ahead, there's a vintage event at Finch Foundry on September 1st, and an apple and cider weekend at Killerton House on 12th and 13th October. If you're interested in either of the last two events you must register through me please. Well that's all for now, have a great enjoyable summer and hopefully I shall see you around and about somewhere -



Hi Patrick.
Perhaps for the next issue, some pictures of the magnificent UH County 1174 that I have ordered and received last Sunday may interest some readers.
90 years after County Commercial Cars was founded, Universal Hobbies presented this magnificent 1174 1:32 scale model under the reference UH5271.  It details all the typical County features like big equal wheels, of course, the County twin prop shafts and the HARA cab that is equipped with the tractor registration plate holder.  The model has steerable front wheels (not tested yet) and a three-point linkage that - based on what I have read on one of the sites selling the model - should be compatible with SIKU implements.
As the box is as nice as the tractor itself with no ads (see amongst others the one in FFA issue 90) and internet sites are not showing it, I have added some pictures of the box also.  When receiving my ordered example, I was a little surprised that the box announced the Ford-badge instead of the County one! But this surely is not a problem for me and will not be for any Ford tractor fan.
A great model that certainly will become iconic just as the real County 1174 model has done before.
Prices are around 56 to 58 euros.
Best regards
Wouter Croquey

Hello Patrick.
Although there is nothing on the tractor front here just now, I did go to the Savoie Department in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in south-eastern France. Whilst driving round I came across a wine museum and as this is a subject that is always interesting, I parked-up. On closer inspection I found it was closed so I walked around the back to investigate more and here I found 2 tractors and a large steam engine. All three were in a very sorry state. I recognised the Fordson, that may well have been an 'F' and on the end of the tank I
could see it was made in the U.S.A., but what was the other one? I could not find anything on the castings to tell me what it might have been.
Thanks Martin Carley

Hi Pat.
Over the Easter weekend we had a great indoor show in the TT hall in Assen.  We think it's the biggest indoor show in the Netherlands.  It is an biennial show and the Ford & Fordson section is organised by Matheus Zijlstra with his wife and sons, as they have for many years now.
They always have a great display of blue tractors; this year they had a special featuring the Major, Roadless  County, Dearborn and pre force machines.  Many people enjoy this event; it was a great weekend and we look forward to the next one in 2021.
Jans Stevens and Gerard Schoenmakers
The Netherlands FFA representatives


2019 FFA attended Events:

July 19 - 21 Somerset Steam and Country Show (Mike Mitchell)
21 Ayrshire Tractor & Machinery Club's Rally (Roy Cowgill and Phil Gibson)
28 - 29 Dacorum Steam & Country Fayre
(John Worley)
26 - 28 Welland Steam & Country Fair (Margaret & Derek)
August 3 - 4 Weald of Kent Steam Rally (Rodney's team)
3 - 4 The Old Timer Tractor Rally - see below (Margaret & Derek)
13 - 15 Pembrokeshire County Show
(John Skipper)
17 - 18 Biddenden Tractor Fest
(Rodney's team)
22 - 26 Great Dorset Steam Fair
(Margaret & Derek)
31 Dutch Ploughing Match 
Jans Stevens 0031 498 42218 or
31 - 1  FFA East Anglian Ploughing Match at Langham CO4 5NJ (Ken Bailey)
Sept. 7 -  8 Working Weekend at Brixworth Northampton. (Michael Alcock)
7 - 8 The Scottish Vintage Tractor and Engine Club's "Farming Yesteryear" Scone Palace            (Roy and Phil)
Oct. 12 - 13 69th British National Ploughing Championships (Keith & Jane Broomhall)
Nov.9 - 10   Newark Vintage Tractor & Heritage Show (Margaret & Derek)

The Old Timer Tractor Rally: 3rd and 4th August 
A new event at Wooferton, Nr Ludlow, SY8 4PN.
  This promises to be an exciting new event with a 'play pen' instead of the usual tractor ring display. They are looking for Fordson F's and N's why not take yours?  Contact 07432 434160 or
East Anglian Ploughing Match and Working Weekend
 August 31st and September 1st. The area ploughing match will be held on the same site as the working weekend, it is a 'qualifying event' for a plot at next year's British Ploughing Nationals. There will be three classes: Vintage Trailed, Vintage Mounted and Classic Mounted. This annual working weekend and fun day raises money for charity, at Langham airfield C04 5NJ, contact Ken Bailey 07702 202311.
Autumn Working Weekend
  7th and 8th September at Brixworth Northampton NN6 9JS. Club members are invited to this annual event where all profits go to The Air Ambulance.  Attractions include the Peak Vale Tractor Pullers, sale of Bric a Brac, plants etc. contact the secretary 'phone 07882 445425 or Lynn Alcock at
British National Ploughing Championships
12th and 13th October at Nocton near Lincoln.  The Club has booked ten plots and members who are qualified are invited to enter. This has become an established event in which the Club's ploughman compete against one another and are not segregated into individual classes.  In other words, whatever your class is, it will be judged against other Club members' work. To enter and for details contact Jane Broomhall 01379 677866; the closing date is 31st July.



Jane Broomhall has been working hard to find members prepared to represent the Association in areas not presently covered and we plan to publish a list of current UK representatives in the next issue.  If you are interested please give her a call on 01379 677866, it really need not take up too much of your time and is, I can assure you, very rewarding, please give her a call.
I must also advise that David and Kenneth Ford are no longer area representatives for the Ford and Fordson Association.

I look forward to hearing from you
Tel:01787 277316 (Before 9pm)
               Mob:0797 74952739 (Before 9pm)
E-mail: Pat Pawsey
 or Ernie


£14.95 + p&p

Forthcoming Events/Looking forward to 2019:
Saturday 12th - Sunday 13th October
Nocton, Lincoln LN4 2AE
The high point of the British competition ploughing season is the annual British National Ploughing Championships. With classes for conventional, reversible and horse-drawn ploughs as well as vintage tractors and ploughs.
For FFA enquiries contact Jane Broomhall
01379 677866 - 07884 115089 

Saturday 19th - Sunday 20th October  
Great Yorkshire Showground, Harrogate, HG2 8NZ
Giving you a chance to see the whole of the countryside in one go! Countryside Live brings together all the best bits of the countryside and
90% of it is under cover so you'll have a great time whatever the weather!
A Great Countryside Day Out

57th Scottish & 22nd European Vintage Ploughing Championships
To be held on the 26th & 27th October at Bowhouse, St. Monans, Fife. KY10 2DB
to which the FFA are taking a stand.Ploughing is from 9.20am till 2.00pm and we would welcome all members to come along for a chat in between watching the Modern, Vintage, Classic and Horse ploughing.
Contact Roy Cowgill on 07971104695 for more information.

Saturday 9th - Sunday 10th November
The County Showground, Winthorpe, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 2NY
Over 850 exhibits.  Rare & native breed/calf show, heritage displays & craft stalls.
For FFA enquires contact Ian and Lin Prince
01268 710143

All above shows dates with more details can be found on
Our SHOW CALENDAR 2019 section of the website.


Contributions to Club News for Website:

We need your contributions to feature on our website. It is your Club and members need to know what is happening in your part of the world.
Unless you tell us what you are up to in your area we can not advertise it on the website for you and for members to attend and enjoy the events
"Come on" tell us about it
   Email  - Ernie
 "Let us know what your'e up to and we will publicise it."

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