Yorkshire Vintage Association Tractor Fest 2015 on 6th & 7th June 2015
at Newby Hall & Gardens Ripon North Yorkshire HG4 5AE
Blown away by a brilliant Newby Hall (and so was the tent!)
Friday the 5th June arrived and so did the gales. Jane, Keith, George and I started to erect the FFA tent but the wind had other ideas!
After a struggle to put the tent up, "whoosh" a gust blew the tent up in the air and deposited it on top of Jane and George. Luckily without any injury to them but shattering it in a heap, so we abandoned the job until Saturday morning hoping the wind would have calmed, but it still blew. So with more help we finally achieved a result.
We then placed the huge FW 30 of Trevor Graham on the windy side of the tent and two Dexta's with ratchet straps holding the tent down, result it stayed put.
In between all this fun tractors were arriving on the stand so it was a hectic half day,  finally normal service was resumed with an excellent stand of merchandise put together by the girls and cups of tea distributed to members and friends.
Luckily the weather calmed down and a lovely sunny weekend followed.........
  Many new tractors soon filled the stand guarded over on either side by two huge FW 30s of Trevor Graham dwarfing the standard and E27ns tractors in between.
The high standard of presentation of the tractors on the stand was a credit to their owners, some absolutely stunning and some homemade conversions an engineering masterpiece.
The FFA stand was a picture bathed in sunshine and attracting huge crowds, after a busy weekend we signed many new members who were impressed by the Ford and Fordson hospitality and high quality presentation of their club stand.
The Newby Hall Show was once again a huge success, and a credit to the YVA team who put it all together. Huge thanks to our team and the members who helped put it altogether in the face of the gale, and who helped throughout the weekend, thanks also to the newby hall team for their help. We look forward to the 2016 show, thank you all.
Word & Photos - Roger Ingham